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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | The Boswell Harris family

Emma (aged 40) Cricket Coach, Abii (aged 24) Nanny, Elsie (aged one) from Tiddington near Thame, Oxfordshire.

The Boswell Harris family want to set a healthier example for their one year-old daughter Elsie.

Formerly in the Navy, Emma met Abii, a nanny, playing cricket. Since having Elsie, the mums have struggled to cook from scratch due to their busy lives, relying on large portions and sugary snacks. Both Emma and Abii admitted to putting on weight during Emma’s pregnancy, with her sugar cravings leading them to fast food outlets for chocolate milkshakes.

Their social lives revolve around the local county cricket club and they have found takeaways, ready meals and baby food pouches for Elsie to be the easiest option in the kitchen.

The Boswell Harris family turn to Tom asking for help to make healthier choices and to set a better example to Elsie, the children that Emma coaches, and the children who Abii will look after as a nanny.

With Tom’s guidance, Abii and Emma make great progress incorporating more fruit and vegetables into their diet and making more ambitious dinners using Tom’s recipes. Elsie now enjoys her meals made from scratch instead of out of a pouch. Meanwhile during filming, Emma turned 40, Elsie turned one, and the couple got engaged.

The Boswell Harris Family feature in episodes 1, 5 and 6.