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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | The Johnson family

Neil (aged 44), painter and decorator, Beckie (aged 38) office manager for their decorating business. Ewan (aged 12), Jack (aged 11), Harry (aged 6). From Addlestone, Surrey.

Neil has Crohn’s disease and wants to make lifestyle changes to improve his diet and help his condition. Meanwhile Beckie feels guilty reaching for a frozen pizza to feed their three boys on a busy working day.

Their hectic lifestyles as a family of five often see the Johnson’s throwing away groceries, which adds to Beckie’s food frustrations as a mum. She wants to learn new recipes and for the couple to feel more energetic and lose weight through healthy eating and a more active lifestyle with their boys.

Although Beckie is very organised, she finds the family rely heavily on takeaways, and finds “the daily grind” of meal planning a chore. Neil likes to BBQ food but overall the family lack fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet, and fall back on processed snacks and ready meals.

With Tom’s help, the Johnsons transform their eating habits, with the boys helping out in the kitchen and Beckie’s weekly menu planning and shopping list helping everyone to eat well. Becoming more health conscious encourages Beckie to exercise again and seeing Beckie lose weight encourages Neil to take part too.

The Johnson family feature in episodes 2 and 6.