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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | The Loveday family

Claire (aged 36) stay-at-home Mum, Tim (aged 40), self-employed in Telecomms, Harry (aged four), Freya (aged two). From Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Claire has gestational diabetes and Tim doesn’t eat any fruit or vegetables, which limits the variety of greens the rest of the family eat, with Freya and Harry following Dad’s example.

Claire used to love running and entering marathons before learning that she had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with Freya. She has tried diets and since having a young family, has found their eating habits and enthusiasm for fitness have slipped.

Meanwhile Tim used to love going to the gym and running marathons, but his job sees him on the road and relying on service station sandwiches. Tim also has a love for a takeaway food which is proving a hard habit to quit.

Meeting Tom, the Lovedays are determined to share the responsibility of cooking and move away from fad diets. Tom encourages the family to try batch cooking and Tim rises to the challenge trying lots of vegetable-packed healthy recipes.

The Loveday family feature in episodes four and five.