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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | The O’Connor family

Michael (aged 38), civil engineer, Stephanie (aged 39) part-time primary school teacher, Ciara (aged four), Quinn (aged two). From St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Michael has a family history of high cholesterol, and he and his wife Stephanie are exhausted with busy jobs and a young family. They are finding they have little energy left for making meals, relying on ready-made pasta sauces and convenience food once the children are in bed.

Despite travelling extensively and trying new foods, the family has lost their sense of adventure and confidence when it comes to cooking. With Steph’s 40th birthday on the horizon and Mike’s high cholesterol, the O’Connors are ready to commit to cooking one meal for the whole family to enjoy, and setting a better example for their young children.

Turning to Tom to kick-start their love of food again, the family try fresh takes on familiar dishes and adopt the method of batch cooking for busier days when there’s less time to cook. They also increase their exercise as a family, and stop having one meal for the kids and a separate, completely different meal for the adults.

The O’Connors feature in episode two.