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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | The Roy Choudhury family

Anand (aged 40) IT manager, Payal (aged 41) civil servant, Niharika (aged 10), Krish (aged seven). From Earley, near Reading, Berkshire.

The Roy Choudhury family have concerns about their desk-based jobs and the rich food that they eat on a regular basis, with particular concerns around the family’s medical history with diabetes, heart conditions and high cholesterol.

Both parents see their children enjoying a variety of foods at school and Anand and Payal want to replicate this at home.

Payal is happy cooking slow-cooked curries but is eager to learn fresh, quick recipes that will help Anand’s high cholesterol and help them avoid ordering takeaways. The family also realise they need to be more active but need a push from Tom to get started.

The Roy Choudhury family are ready for Tom’s challenges and everyone gets involved in the kitchen helping Tom cook. The family of four also overhaul their fitness regime from swimming to playing tennis, cricket and walking more frequently. Payal also discovers a passion for Bollywood dancing and starts a Bollyfit class.

The Roy Choudhury family feature in episodes three and five.