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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | The Ruff-Brooks family

Andrew (aged 35) service engineer, Nicola (aged 39) play specialist, Sophia (aged eight), Ashleigh-Jade (aged 10). From Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

With Nicola’s 40th Birthday on the horizon, the Ruff-Brooks family want to lose weight and get more energy injected back into their lives.

Nicola and Andrew have tried to eat more healthily in the past, but eating chicken, pies and ready meals have always crept back in. There are vegetables in the family’s fridge but they’re saved for the pet guinea pig…

As a couple, Nicola and Andrew feel nervous in the kitchen and unsure of what to cook with their limited kitchen skills. They need Tom’s help to move them away from eating processed foods and encouragement to make meals from scratch. Tom demonstrates how it doesn’t have to be scary or daunting, and that the whole family can join in.

When Tom first meets the Ruff-Brooks, they prove his greatest Fresh Start challenge. He encourages the family to branch out but battles with them to eat home-made food. With Tom’s reassurance, Nicola makes a real effort to eat five fruit and vegetables a day and eight year-old Sophia develops a strong interest in cooking after meeting Tom and discovering his tasty recipes.

The Ruff-Brooks feature in episodes one and three.