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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | The Thomas family

Mark (aged 32) account manager, Becky (aged 32) administrator, twins Charlie and Jack (aged five), and Holly (aged two). From Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Mark has recently lost three stone in weight, and Becky is looking for inspiration away from the regular meals she cooks, to help her family stay healthy with plenty of energy.

With the children interested in helping in the kitchen, the family want to limit the number of takeaways, pizzas and burgers they eat – and instead encourage everyone to be helpful in the kitchen to help share Becky’s daily burden of cooking for five.

The Thomas family wholeheartedly commit to Tom’s recipes and relish in his encouragement to exercise more. They hit the park most weekends for runs and junior park runs for the boys.

Mark starts cooking more to help Becky, and with portions left over, he has a healthy home-made lunch ready for the next day at work. The couple also discover they enjoy cooking together in the kitchen and the children also fully embrace the family’s healthier menu, crafted by Tom.

The Thomas family feature in episodes three and six.