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Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start | Tom’s six step plan

Step one: Get cooking!
Episode one

Tom says: “The first step is to cook more fresh food from scratch and thereby reduce the amount of convenience food consumed. This is where it all begins – and needs to continue. For non-cooks this means learning to cook and building confidence. For lapsed cooks this means dusting off the apron and rebooting old skills.”

Step two Boss the kitchen!
Episode two

“You can’t progress if you don’t plan and take control – from deciding which recipes to cook in advance, clever shopping, cooking ahead and freezing for later. My tricks for taking control include making the best use of time and saving money too. I want to myth-bust perceptions that home cooking is always more expensive and time-consuming. Instead ‘invest’ in family food and it will pay you back in spades.”

Step three: Start ’em young!
Episode three

“Husbands and wives who previously didn’t cook are now stepping up to share responsibility, and I’m not stopping there. The stars of this warm and emotional episode are the kids, who now get their opportunity to get stuck in and express their opinions. I believe this is vital for uniting families in their fresh start mission and making a lasting change. My son is only three but you’re never too young to play a part in home cooking.”

Step four: Be healthy!
Episode four

“Eating a healthier diet will improve your quality of life and prolong it too – and healthier food is delicious food when you know what you’re doing. I crank things up for the families with recipes and advice about healthier eating in episode four. And I’ve got some great ideas for eating your greens and upping the family’s veg consumption towards the five-a-day minimum recommended. My big challenge here is to get the entrenched veg-phobics and salad dodgers to embrace a more plant-based diet.”

Step five: Get moving!
Episode five

“The families are feeling the benefits of their changed cooking and eating habits with more energy, and I want them to up their exercise to be fitter and stronger. I have suggestions for great fuel for pre and post-physical exercise and encourage our Fresh Start families to find activities they can enjoy together as well as setting individual goals.”

Step six: We’ve got this!
Episode six

“Good food has the power to transform relationships, and when happy families cook and eat together it makes them stronger and healthier. There’s a shared sense of purpose and achievement among the families now, and this final episode consolidates the progress the families have made with food for special occasions and celebrations. Making good food for others is a special gift that brings everyone closer together.”