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Almost Never | Episodes one to five

Programme Information, episodes one to five of 13.
Episode one – The Spotlight

Tess Daly makes a cameo appearance as host of The Spotlight, the nation’s top TV talent show. It’s the final and boy band The Wonderland are up against all-girl band, Girls Here First.

When the girls are announced the winners they are secured on their path to success, with a record deal and backing from ambitious and unscrupulous manager Sasha Small (Kimberly Wyatt).

Sasha had backed the boys during the competition but, when the result is announced, immediately drops them. As runners-up, The Wonderland must now decide if they can prove Sasha wrong by making it on their own.

Frontman Nate tells his fellow band members Oakley and Harry: “This is just the beginning, this time next year we’ll be number one.”

But as the brief spell of fame they enjoyed on the talent show starts to fade, the boys become disillusioned. They have to find the inspiration to carry on, which is not easy when Nate’s mum wants him to focus on his school work instead of his music, and confiscates his guitar. The boys meet Chloe (Tillie Amartey), a vlogger who will prove instrumental in ensuring the boys don’t give up on their dreams.

Episode two – The Concert

Chloe decides the boys need to record a music video, but unfortunately Nate finds himself roped into taking his sister Molly to a Girls Here First concert, the one place he should never be seen!

When Nate is caught on camera at the gig, it proves to be the most embarrassing night of his life. Meanwhile, Oakley has secretly been texting Mya from Girls Here First, and seeks advice from his brother Harry on asking her out.

Episode three – The Single

A video of Nate singing at the Girls Here First gig has gone viral and he’s feeling embarrassed. Fortunately, Oakley and Harry think they have some good news: their dad AJ has got them a gig, only to discover it’s a private booking for local businessman, Hot Tub Tony.

It gets worse – he wants them to record a single with his daughter Rosie on lead vocals. It turns out Rosie is completely tone deaf and is also completely obsessed with Harry. Meanwhile, Chloe and Molly visit Sasha to try to get the embarrassing viral video removed but almost end up getting cast in a Girls Here First music video themselves.

Episode four – The Photo

The Wonderland try to solve their ‘Spotlight Losers’ image problem with a buzzworthy new band photo. Chloe persuades a famous celebrity snapper to shoot the boys but getting the band together proves harder than expected. Oakley and Harry have other secret commitments.

Oakley is leading a double life as he embarks on a secret dating mission with Mya from Girls Here First. Harry finds himself joining a Mariachi band after accidentally dropping an amp on one of the band. The photographer arrives just as the band are tangled up in a messy Mariachi brawl.

Click! The bad photo goes viral – will fans on social media appreciate their refreshingly honest portrayal?

Episode five – The Squid

The boys are working at a diner below their rehearsal space at The Palais, and they’re feeling further away from fame and success than ever. Making matters worse, owner Dan is broke and unless he can get help, he’s going to have to sell The Palais. The Wonderland would lose their base and their rehearsal space.

Dan leaves the boys to mind the diner. When a famous customer Fleur East comes in asking for Dan’s special squid chow mein, the boys almost end up burning the place down in their efforts to give her what she’s asked for and keep her from leaving.

Almost Never continues for 13 episodes (13 x 28′).