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Les Misérables | Interview with Erin Kellyman

Erin Kellyman plays Éponine Thenardier

What did you know about Les Misérables before this?
First time I saw Les Miserables was the film – so I was roughly 14. I really liked the film and Eponine and Gavroche were my two favourites. To be able to do this is crazy. Getting to play her was a dream.

Tell us about Eponine’s journey?
Eponine Thenardier is an extremely strong willed and determined young lady. She’s incredibly passionate and persistent and whatever she believes in she goes for – like Marius! She’s loving and never feels sorry for herself. You see her when she’s younger and she’s living in a bubble. When she gets older they go bankrupt and she then realises the world is a much harsher world.

Why do you think this will appeal to modern audiences?
The diversity. I never thought I would be able to do period drama due to the way I look.