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Dancing On Ice | Interview with Gemma Collins

What is your biggest fear about doing the show?

Breaking a leg! My biggest fear about doing this show is actually an injury.

On the flipside of that, what excites you the most about doing it?

What excites me most about doing Dancing on Ice…1) the costumes! 2) the fact that I can have big hair every week and 3) the challenge. As I’ve got older I like to set myself a challenge and see if I can push myself to do something that I haven’t done before.

You have done a lot of challenges on TV, you’ve learnt to dive and you’ve learnt to cook. Would you say this is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?

This is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced, definitely. Knowing me I’m going to break my leg, my arms and my back all in one week, but let’s hope I do it in style should it happen! It is the hugest challenge that I’ve had to face.

Are you much of a dancer? What would you say is the extent of your dancing abilities?

So, I’m always dancing everywhere I go. I like to move my body, I like to be free. If I want to break out in to dance, then I’ll break out in to dance. I love dancing. Whether I can transfer that on to the ice, I don’t know.

You’re going to have to potentially face criticism each week from the judges, how would you say you cope listening to criticism?

There are so many people who have opinions on me and as long as it’s constructive criticism, I’ll do my best and I’ll take it on board and be better. I used to watch Torvill and Dean as a kid, so I’m a huge fan of them. As for the judges, bring it on! Each week I want to get better and better so their criticism will be great.

People are quite fearful of Jason Gardiner and you are the GC. Do you think he may have met his match?

Look, I like straight talking people. If Jason Gardiner has got an opinion on me then I welcome it to the table. Do you know what? I’ll take his comments on board. If I agree with them then I agree with them but if I don’t then who knows what could happen.

Being on a show like this takes a lot of discipline and hard-work and training. Are you prepared for that? Or is that quite a daunting prospect?

I’m always saying that I’m going to get fit and tone up and then time runs away with me and I’m busy working. The fact that I’ll be working on a show where you actually train as part of the show is a very exciting prospect for me. So, I’m looking forward to shaping up while doing Dancing on Ice. Yes, it’s going to be tough and yes, it’s going to be hard-work but it’s worth it.

Previous contestants have talked about what the show has done for bodies and fitness. Do you have any particular goals or fitness goals?

I’ve been saying for the last couple of years that I want to lose weight, however things are going well with myself and James and I do want to have a baby next year. I said I’d have one last summer. I want to lose weight for me!

How prepared are you for the sequins, sparkles and costume element?

This is my whole reason for doing the show. The thrill that goes through my blood! It’s the best news of my life. Proper showbiz.

Looking back on the history of the show, if you could emulate the success of any past contestant, who would it be?

I think Kem did well…didn’t he? I’ll say Kem.

How much of a natural performer would you say you are? Do you think that’ll be an advantage to you even if the skating is a challenge because you’re able to put on a show?

Yeah, I’d like to think I could put on a show for everyone.

Who do you think your biggest supporters will be?

All the curvy dolls out there! I’m doing this show to show all the ladies out there that it doesn’t matter what size you are or who you are, you can achieve anything and that’s important for me. I’m doing it for all the women out there. I always remember from a young age wanting a pair of those white skating boots. Yeah, I’m 37 now and I’ve finally got the boots and by God am I going to go for this. I think it shows that it’s never too late to have fun and it’s never too late to try something you haven’t done before and for any women out there to think well I’m too big or overweight to be a skater, then it’s never too late.

Are you in it to win it?

Let’s just get to the live shows first and then we’ll see.