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Dancing On Ice | Interview with Holly Willoughby

The show marked the start of your presenting double act with Phillip, does that make you feel quite sentimental about doing the show?

Yes it really does, for that reason alone I think it’s a very special show for both of us. We really got to know each other on that show. It’s also a lovely show because it’s just after Christmas and January is like a really cold, dull month and it just suddenly explodes with sequins, glitter and magic on to your TV screen. I just think it’s what everyone needs after Christmas is over.

Do you remember when the show was first pitched to you all those years ago, did you ever envisage that a) it would be here all these years later but b) it would attract that many celebrities who actually wanted to put themselves forward for it?

It has been a long time since we did our very first series and it’s lovely that it has come back and everybody loved having it back again! It was a really warm welcome that everybody got. I think that the power of Jayne and Chris as well because they are a British institution, they’re legends in their own right. To be taught by those two or to have them as part of the show is such a unique experience so I think that’s why people still really want to do it. Ice-skating is such a beautiful thing to learn to do, it’s one of those things where you go ‘I’d really love to learn to do that but when am I ever going to do it?’ So, I think as an opportunity to be coached by brilliant skaters, I think that’s too much to turn down!

Last year, with the show coming back after four years away, did it feel different going back or did it feel like no time had passed?

It did feel different I think…mainly because I wasn’t pregnant! The first time we did the show, it seemed that I was always on the ice with a big bump so it was quite nice not to be pregnant this time.

It felt different because we were in a different studio, so there were lots of changes. Lots of changes for the better, the ice rink was bigger and better and obviously Chris and Jayne are now judges and not coaching so there were lots of differences. The heart of it was still the same and I think that’s what people loved so much was that it kept that feeling that it always had.

When the show initially finished in 2014, we saw Phillip take to the ice in the series finale. Do you think you could ever be persuaded to do a turn on the ice?

Do you know…I would! I’d absolutely love to learn to do it but it’s finding the time to do it properly. You can’t just go and have a one-hour lesson. Phil really committed to that! In his head he thought was going really fast but then he watched it back and he said he was really slow, I thought he did amazingly. I think it’s finding the time to do it properly but yes, I would love to…one day!

Looking back on all your memories of the show, is there one routine that stands out for taking your breath away?

I remember Suzanne Shaw flew in the final, the year that she won, and she wore this yellow dress and she was like Tinker Bell! I just burst into tears, she was like a flying fairy. She was just so beautiful.

Your wardrobe gets quite a lot of attention, what would you say is the difference between your This Morning wardrobe and then your Dancing on Ice style?

Oh my god…sequins! The glitter, the sequins and the hem length I guess. It’s lovely on Dancing on Ice to be able to wear a big frock and something you never get to wear in real life! You just don’t get to wear dresses like that. I love that dress up. It’s like being a princess and going to the ball every Sunday night.

Finally, if you had to describe the show to someone that had never seen it before, summarising it in one sentence, what would it be?

It’s the perfect show for the family to watch on a cold January night that’s full of excitement and magic but also a whole lot of danger, so it’ll really keep you on the edge of your seat!