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Dancing On Ice | Interview with Jane Danson

What would you say is your biggest fear about doing the show?

Well, obviously falling over…that wouldn’t be good! I’m trying not to think about that side of things too much. I think it’s the thing of being prepared and not forgetting your moves and hoping you stay on the ice and don’t fall over.

On the flipside of that, what would you say excites you most about doing it?

Particularly for me, as I turned 40 in November, I see it as a bit of a milestone and I’m getting really out of my comfort zone, I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m really excited and I’m trying to embrace the challenge and learn something new. When you were a kid you would do these things all the time, like go iceskating or roller-skating and then one day you just stop doing it but I don’t know why you do? I’m just looking forward to embracing new challenges and seeing if I can test myself a little bit now that I’m a big grown-up!

How much of dancer would you say you are? What is the extent of your dance capabilities?

Even though my name suggests otherwise, I wouldn’t call myself a dancer even though that’s what everyone calls me! I’ve got to have a few drinks before I get on the dance floor. Again, I think it’s always something I’ve been a bit fearful of. I used to do troupe dancing as a kid, it was quite formulaic and stiff so I suppose it’s about letting yourself go and learning to do the dance moves. It’s a completely new skill for me, I can’t sit here and say I’ve got loads of dancing experience because I haven’t, so we’ll see.

In terms of from a professional point of view, would you say this is the one of the biggest challenges you’ve ever faced?

Totally! Not just the fact that it’s doing something completely out of my comfort zone, it’s live as well isn’t it? So, it’s a double whammy! I’ve kind of got a different head on it, because when I’m acting I am being somebody else and I kind of hide behind her a little bit, whereas this is me doing it. I suppose I should take that element of somebody else doing it and maybe act my way through it…I don’t know. This is me laid bare I suppose!

You are following after a long line of Coronation Street people who have been in the show, both last year and in previous series. Do you think they’ll be good in terms of giving you advice and have they already given you advice?

Definitely. Particularly Samia who had an amazing experience and she is one of my dearest friends. She just said ‘you’ll come out of it feeling so good about yourself.’ When you’ve been in the same job for a long time you get kind of cosy, and you know it so well and you know your environment, but this is completely ripping me out of that world and putting me in to a world that is completely alien to me. I’m just really looking forward to embracing it and any questions I’ve had, Samia’s told me all about it, like training, she’s told me it’s hard and it’s a lot of work and Brooke has as well. They’re both really excited for me, having done it themselves.

You mentioned the hard work involved in being on Coronation Street. Do you think that will help you in some ways, when it comes to discipline and training?

I think so. I’m used to long hours and remembering lines can sometimes be quite mentally draining and it’s physically draining when you’re skating I imagine, and you have to remember the technical side of it as well. I appreciate it’s not something you can turn up and do but I’m used to a schedule and I’m used to long days and I’ve got my head around that bit. I just want to get out there and do it now!

How well do you cope taking criticism? Is that something you’re nervous about?

I think I worried so much more about things like that when I was younger and now getting to the age that I’ve got to, I can take it! Unfortunately, we live in a world where people aren’t always pleasant so on the day I might cry…you never know! I am hoping I’ll take it on the chin and have a laugh about it.

Previous people that have taken part in the show have talked about what the routines have done for their bodies. Have you got any particular fitness goals when it comes to going on the show?

Absolutely, I’ve a bit of a milestone for a birthday and it’s a chance to get fit.

It’s so easy when you’ve been at work all day to say ‘Oh, I can’t be bothered to go to the gym’, whereas with this because there is a schedule in place, I’ve got no choice! Obviously, it’s a good way to get fit and everyone has been so supportive with tips and help, all that kind of thing. I’m really excited!

How prepared are you for the sparkles and sequins and the costume element?

It’s great because I live in a house full of boys so I haven’t got any of that! I’m quite girly so to get all that side of it, I’m looking forward to that.

Looking back on the history of the show, is there a contestant whose success you’d like to emulate?

I wouldn’t be so confident but I thought Hayley Tamaddon was incredible. I know she is a brilliant dancer, which I am not! I’m just going to do my best and whatever I can do and hopefully learn something new.

Have you been down to sit in the audience before?

No, I’ve not! I was supposed to come last year but we had the ‘beast from the east’ and it was all travel chaos and was a bit of a nightmare to get to!

Who do you think your biggest supporters will be?

Definitely my husband, my kids and my mum! I know I’ll have lots of support from work because as everybody says about Corrie, it’s a real family feel. Everybody is really supportive of different things that people do and get to experience so I know they’ll be a good support as well!

Are you worried about juggling your Coronation Street schedule with Dancing on Ice?

I totally appreciate that. Until you’re in it, you can’t really say. On the positive side, I’m quite close to the rink and I’m kind of used to juggling. We did a live episode a few years ago and my youngest at the time was really small and he never slept so I literally didn’t sleep for three months…so, I’m kind of used to being tired!