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The Voice UK | Interview with Aj Odudu

Tell us about your role as digital backstage presenter on The Voice…

I am very excited about it. I am going to be hosting a series of challenges backstage with all of the coaches. Any inside gossip – I’m the girl. I’ll be speaking to some of the contestants and catching up with Emma Willis and just all round having a right old laugh.

Challenges…? What are they?

A lot of music and mayhem. That’s all I can really say for now!

I’m giving the audience the inside scoop on what happens when the coaches are out of those chairs and out of control!

Were you previously a fan of the show?

Yeah I loved it. I’ve watched it since series one. I’m really excited to be part of the team this year. I think the line up of coaches is epic. Emma Willis is amazing and I feel like they’ve got the show right. It’s really exciting and really good fun. There’s an amazing chemistry with all of the coaches which I sense when I get to speak to them. They really do bounce of one another and there’s a lot of genuine care and competition.

As someone who’s already a fan of the show how did it feel when you walked into the studio and saw the big red chairs?

I got so excited. I got straight into a red chair, I was pressing the button and I couldn’t believe it actually turned around. I thought maybe they did that all in post production. The stage is so much bigger. It’s huge. The contestants have such a big space to fill. It must be quite overwhelming. For me it was. I gasped when I walked out on to that stage. The live band are brilliant too. Just incredible musicians. So yeah it’s bigger than you think when you watch it.

Do you have a favourite coach or are you staying impartial?

I’m staying impartial although I grew up listening to Tom Jones. He was being played in my house all the time. I bought two of Will.i.am’s albums…well, Black Eyed Peas. Back in the day. And I’m a massive fan of Monkey Business and Elephunk. Jennifer – I genuinely watched and followed her when she was going through her audition process.