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The Voice UK | Interview with Emma Willis

Are you excited to be back?

It’s like meeting up with your cousins at Christmas, do you know what I mean? Because there’s a real family reunion vibe. It’s like a little family now I think. We’re all really comfortable with each other. We all know what we’re doing. Everyone’s just on board to make the most fun, lovely show that we can and find great talent and that’s what we’re doing.

It’s nice having all the same coaches back isn’t it….

Yeah, everyone’s settled.

What keeps you coming back?

Well, all of that. And it’s about finding new talent isn’t it. I love working in telly but I also love music and I think new talent having an avenue at the minute is really difficult. Existing talent finds it difficult to have an avenue so I think it’s great that we do have shows on TV for music and for music artists. I think we need more music on telly so I’m glad we’re doing it!

Big difference this year – trios…?

It adds another layer doesn’t it. Trios. What I’m looking forward to in the Battles is finding out how they make that work. And what happens if there’s a trio against a trio. That’s a lot of voices to make work together. Or even a trio against a duo. Or four voices when it’s three against one. How do the coaches make that work in a battle yet set them aside from each other enough for it to be a battle against each other. If one of the trio loses it does it knock the other two so it’s interesting to see how that dynamic works I think.

What do you think of the talent this year?

Amazing. I don’t think I’ve seen a stand out obvious winner yet but already there’s three or four that are absolutely sensational.

Many times over the years you’ve been asked if you’d sing yourself and you always say ‘god no!’…

I mean for me singing in front of four phenomenal artists is just a right old joke. If I could sing and I had to sing in front of those four I’d be terrified. For those people who get up there and do that takes a hell of a lot of courage I think. If I do it it’s meaningless because I know I’m crap!

Would you like to be able to sing?

Yeah! I think I’d make a really great front woman. I imagine myself as Gwen Stefani. She’s my favourite front woman. I love her.

If you could have anyone’s voice from anywhere in history, be able to sing for one day, would that be Gwen Stefani too?

No, I’d be Adele. If I’m a front woman I’d be Gwen Stefani but if I was a solo artist I’d 100% be Adele.

What do you make of how the coaches are doing this year?

They’re all settled, they’re all comfortable, they all get on extremely well and they kind of tease each other in a nice way. There is competition but in a fun way so it’s quite nice.

Have you seen a big change in Olly this year now that he’s established?

I mean Olly’s always Olly. Even when Olly is nervous he’s got a great poker face because he is a sensational performer. He’s an all-round entertainer so even if he was nervous in the beginning about being in that line up he’s got brilliant charisma so always pulled it off. He’s back and he’s brilliant.

Do you have a favourite bit of the competition?

I like the lives. I kind of feel like all the coaches really feel it when week by week they’ve had to lose people but at the lives it’s out of their hands and it’s down to the public. It’s nice when we get to that bit.

It’s a big turning point for people when a chair turns, what’s been your biggest turning point in your career

I think Big Brother. Doing Big Brother’s Little Brother on Channel 4 was my biggest turning point because it’s when I felt like I knew what I was doing. I knew the subject matter really well and it was the first time I felt really confident in what I was doing. Again, it was like a family. I knew everybody there and I knew the show really well because I’d been a viewer from the beginning. That was the point when I started working more and I was comfortable. I always think if you’re comfortable then you’re more confident and it really helped with everything that followed after that.

If you could have had anybody be your mentor in your career, as the singers here get, who would that be?

Davina. 100 per cent. Davina, Ant and Dec. I mean. So many. Dermot is great. Graham Norton. I didn’t start working in TV until I was 26 so I was a bit older. And watching T4 with Dermot and June Sarpong and great people like that. Jonathan Ross – I mean he’s amazing.

But…IF I were a singer and were auditioning on The Voice…a coach there? Jennifer. Absolutely.