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DCI Vera Stanhope played by Brenda Blethyn

Heading up a team at Northumberland and City Police, Vera is obsessive about her work and dogged in her desire to uncover the truth at the heart of each case she leads. Unconventional and unglamorous maybe, but Vera has a wry sense of humour and faces the world with caustic wit, guile and courage.

For Vera, work is her life and her team is her family. Having been brought up by a neglectful father, she’s constantly trying to find a sense of self-worth, feeling she has to prove herself in everything she does – although she would never admit this to her colleagues. Vera demands fierce loyalty and respect from her team, which she returns with the smallest glimmer of affection. Vera really cares for her team and for the victims of the crimes she investigates.

DS Aiden Healy played by Kenny Doughty

Detective Sergeant Aiden Healy has proved himself a strong and reliable partner to DCI Stanhope, who relishes his insight, commitment and diligence. Aiden, in turn, feels protective of his boss, knowing her obsessive nature and commitment to the job can sometimes be at the cost of her own wellbeing. Aiden has settled into family life and has a renewed focus on the demands of the job, as well as his dedication to ensuring that the perpetrators of crimes are sought out and held responsible.

DC Kenny Lockhart played by Jon Morrison

Kenny is a very loyal and trusted member of the team. Even though Kenny works at his own pace, Vera knows that he brings with him years of experience, and she can rely on him when it counts.

DC Jacqueline ‘Jac’ Williams played by Ibinabo Jack

Jac is a valued member of DCI Vera Stanhope’s team. With her dry wit and no-nonsense attitude, she often uses her sharp abilities of detection to bring new evidence to the case in hand.

DC Mark Edwards played by Riley Jones

Mark is the youngest member of Vera’s team but has become a skilled and reliable detective. His enthusiasm, keen eye for detail and self-drive means that Vera now counts on the invaluable information he uncovers to push an investigation forward.

Pathologist Dr. Malcolm Donahue played by Paul Kaye

The new pathologist on the scene presents a challenge for DCI Vera Stanhope. Dr. Malcolm Donahue worked with Vera years ago and she’s hoping that history won’t be repeating itself. Pedantic to the point of rudeness, Donahue treads heavily on Vera’s toes. Despite some hairy moments it looks like they find some kind of working relationship.

Matthew Wells played by Peter Davison

Matthew Wells is the Senior Forensic Psychologist of Northumberland prison, HMP Scanton. He worked alongside murder victim and trainee forensic psychologist, Joanne Caswell.

Sandra Madani – Seeta Indrani

Sandra is Matthew Well’s long serving, loyal and very capable office manager at HMP Scanton. She ensures she knows every case inside out and always looks to support Matthew and the rest of the team in their work.

Graham Caswell played by Adrian Lukis

Graham Caswell is the father of murder victim, Joanne Caswell. He’s devastated at his daughter’s death with whom he had a complicated relationship.

Ava Caswell played by Amira Ghazalla

Ava is the mother of the victim whose life is already being torn apart following the breakdown of her marriage to Graham. She finds herself facing an even greater challenge when she’s confronted with the death of her daughter.

Kieran Webb played by James Atherton

Kieran Webb is a football coach in a small Northumberland town. Kieran is a solid family man and a pillar of the community.

Natalie Webb played by Jodie McNee

Natalie is mother to Ryan and Kieran’s wife, she has a very close relationship with her Mam, family is important to her. Together with Kieran she works hard to ensure Ryan has a bright future ahead of him.